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Our salon has been selected to be a part of “The top 100 salons in the United States” from ELLE magazine for the second year in a row!

Voted Top 5 Best Salons (2011 & 2014), Top 5 Colorists (2007-2011), Best Hair Stylist (2008 & 2011), and LaCrisha won Best Colorist and Top 5 Stylists for 2014!

Tips for Winter Skin from Salon Helena

Seasonal weather can affect our skin and hair more than we often realize. In the wintertime, freezing temperatures, high winds and dry air can cause damage on not only our hair, but also our skin. When we shift between cold air outside to the warm temperatures found in our cars and buildings, moisture begins to strip itself from our pores causing our skin to be itchy, scaly and dry. Salon Helena in Albuquerque, New Mexico shares some tips for protecting your skin from the harsh elements of winter so you can stay healthy and beautiful no matter the season. Continue reading

Tips for Getting the Look You Want at Your Next Salon Visit

Everyone has been there before; you go to the salon hoping to come out looking like what is pictured in your head, but your stylist creates something completely different. Salon Helena knows how frustrating an experience like this can be, that is why we have put together our top tips for communicating effectively with your stylist so you leave the salon looking exactly how you want. Continue reading

How to Handle Gray Hairs and Regrowth

Gray hair doesn’t mean you are aging rapidly. In fact, many people notice their first gray hairs in their early twenties. If you have gray hairs starting to sprout and you aren’t quite ready to give in to its fabulousness, this blog is for you. Salon Helena in Albuquerque embraces beauty of all shapes, sizes and colors and is dedicated to helping you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Continue reading

Halloween Make-up Tips from Salon Helena

Halloween traditions often include dressing up in scary or ghoulish costumes, community events, corn mazes and candy. It also means lots of holiday parties to get ready for. Putting on makeup for this holiday is unlike any other and many Halloween makeup products can dry out your skin and cause acne. Salon Helena in Albuquerque shares some tips and tricks for applying your makeup this Halloween and taking care of your skin at the same time. Continue reading

Fall Pedicure Tips for Healthy Feet

Even though summer is coming to a close, fall is on its way in with a change in temperature, color and style of its own. Salon Helena knows that no matter the season, it is always good to take care of your feet and keep them healthy with regular pedicures. In this week’s blog, we discuss how to take care of your feet during the changing seasons and the benefits of pedicures. Continue reading

How to Grow Out an Undercut

So you jumped on the trend wagon and shaved half or part of your head creating an undercut that looks fantastic, but what happens when you want to grow out? How will your style change? In this week’s blog Salon Helena talk’s about that fabulous undercut you have and tips for growing out so you can still keep up with trends. Continue reading

Eyebrow Shapes that Flatter Your Face

Eyebrows can often make or break a look, but which ones look best? There are as many eyebrow shapes that flatter the face as there are face shapes. Whether you get them waxed, tweezed, cut or just leave them left alone, they can speak volumes about your personality and your own personal style. (Check out our blog from last month about face shapes if you aren’t sure what kind you have.) Continue reading

Why Eyelash Extensions are all the Rage this year

Every day, millions of women (and a lot of men) around the world are putting gobs of mascara on their eyelashes hoping to make them appear thicker, shinier, healthier and longer. Constant application of mascara can begin to weaken the natural lash and cause damage such as thinning and eyelash loss over time. This year, a new trend is becoming the hottest beauty accessory that helps you find relief from daily mascara application, eyelash extensions. Continue reading

Tips for Treating and Preventing Split Ends

If you have ever had split ends, you know that it can make your hair look unkempt and unclean. If you find yourself asking questions like, “How do split ends even occur? How can you prevent them?” Then this blog is for you. Salon Helena in Albuquerque discusses the top tips for preventing split ends and for fixing them at home. Continue reading

Sombré : The Soft Ombré Look

It seems in the last couple of years the look of ombré hair has been trending huge with no end in sight, but now it comes with a twist. A softer twist. This hair color technique is a softer type of balayage or melting technique that does not appear as “blocky” as an ombré hair color does. Salon Helena in Albuquerque, NM is always keeping up with the latest trends and sombré is just one of them. 


Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Best Haircut for your Face Shape

Faces come in many different shapes such as oval, round, square, heart and oblong, to name a few. Just as there are many different face shapes, there are also many different haircuts that work best for each type of shape. Salon Helena has a team of styling experts that keep up on the latest trends, technology and guidelines for hair. This week we share our tips for choosing the best haircut that compliments your face shape. Continue reading

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