Professional Hair Salon Deep Conditioning

Keeping Hair Healthy with Deep Conditioning Treatments

During the summer we all remember to put on the sunscreen (hopefully :)) to protect our skin, but we all don’t remember to protect our hair. Exposing your hair to the extra sunlight we receive while spending more time outdoors can damage your hair by drying it out. Even when trying to cool off in a swimming pool, the chlorine is wrecking havoc on your hair, too.

Is there a way to protect your hair during the summer months? Yes! Deep conditioning can help!

Fun in the Sun

Let’s face it—we all love being outside and enjoying the sun more during the summer. We just don’t like what the sun can do to our hair. When exposed to too much heat and sunlight, your hair is a lot like you. You get dried out and thirsty. The same is true of your hair. It dries out and can lose its beauty and texture. Deep conditioning treatment can help lock in moisture and keep your hair at its best, even during the hottest Albuquerque summer days.

Cool in the Pool

By taking a quick dip in the pool you’re going to cool off, but you’re also going to damage your hair. When it comes to swimming, think of your hair as a sponge. It will absorb chlorine that will damage your hair in a similar way that the sun does. Deep conditioning treatment will prevent your hair from absorbing the majority of the chlorine and other chemicals, thus keeping it healthy and beautiful.

The summer months can mean a lot of fun outside, but they can also cause problems for our hair. Fortunately, deep conditioning treatments can keep your hair healthy and radiant all summer long. After all, we want to look fabulous while having fun all summer!