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Albuquerque Deep Tissue Massage

Albuquerque deep tissue massage

Tired of dealing with chronic pain? Wish that knot in your back would just go away? Think you’ll never be able to do the things you once enjoyed? Deep tissue massage can help. It works through long, slow strokes that deeply penetrate tight muscles in localized areas of your body. The intensity of the massage releases toxins from your muscles, loosens the tissue and aids in the proper circulation of blood and oxygen to restore health and balance to your body.

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This invigorating massage reaches beneath the surface of your pain to bring you the deep relief that you need and is great for athletes and those suffering from chronic pain associated with stress and injury. Let the Albuquerque massage therapist at Salon Helena be the professional you turn to for rejuvenating massage in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Sports Massages

Sports massages, also known as deep tissue massages, can work wonders on aching muscles that hold tension.

Looking for a more gentle massage to help relax? Check out our Swedish massage services!