Look Great, Feel Great, and Help a Kid in Need

We all want to take proper care of ourselves, and of course we all want to make the world a better place—but isn’t it nice when we can find opportunities to do both at once?

At Salon Helena, we recognize that the world has problems. This is why we now carry Lyfestart.

Lyfestart Nourish Nutritional Shakes are protein-rich, vitamin-rich, mineral-rich, amino-acid-laden meal-replacements, with no cholesterol, no sugar, and no trans fats—and for every shake we sell, Lyfestart will provide a meal to a child in need, for a week.

While you receive 22 meals for not much more than a dollar apiece, a child you may never meet, somewhere in the world, will be getting a chance to live. You will get to lose weight and get healthy, and you’ll also be doing a genuinely good thing for someone else.

We all know that looking and eating your best can make any day feel better. And we all know that helping others can bring a unique feeling of quiet contentment that you simply can’t get any other way. Book an appointment today at Salon Helena for that trim or touch-up you know you need anyway, and when you’re in, pick up a pouch of Lyfestart Nourish.

Your purchase just might make you feel better in more ways than one—healthier, slimmer, more energized, more connected to our global community.

You can make the choice to feel that way…and you can feel that way in three different flavors, all of them delicious—milk chocolate, strawberry splash, or vanilla crème.