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Nail Salon Manicures – Albuquerque

At Salon Helena, we believe that a flawless manicure is the key to an overall polished look. Whether you enjoy a classic French manicure or untamed nail art, the technicians at Salon Helena in northeast ABQ are experts at blending old glamour with cutting-edge techniques.

Call 505-884-4955 today to schedule a manicure with one of the experienced nail technicians at Salon Helena!

Gentle, Pampering Manicures

Trust your image to the professional nail technicians at our nail salon, where we deliver impeccable manicures made to last. Our Albuquerque nail technicians polish and shape nails to your preference and lifestyle. Before your appointment, consider whether you would like a:

  • Traditional manicure
  • Gelish manicure
  • French manicure
  • Unique nail art

At Salon Helena, your hands will first be pampered with a gentle massage using exfoliating crystals, followed by a soothing dip in a therapeutic paraffin bath. Our manicures remove dead skin cells, lock in moisture and reduce the effects of aging, leaving you with smooth hands that appear younger.

Go Glam with Gelish Nails in Albuquerque!

Our nail artists in Albuquerque offer Gelish manicures that don’t chip or smudge for up to three weeks. Salon Helena uses O.P.I.’s Axxiom Gel Manicure to give your nails a finish as smooth and shiny as glass. We prefer Gelish because they don’t turn nails yellow and actually improve the strength of the nails!

Albuquerque Manicures

We are as serious about safety as we are about style. Our nail salon, located in north east Albuquerque, New Mexico only uses hospital grade sanitizers to ensure that your manicure and/or pedicure is as safe as it is relaxing.

Our nail techs keep up-to-date on the latest trends and technology to bring you the same cutting-edge style that you’ll also find in our ABQ day spa. Call or visit us to schedule an appointment today!