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Albuquerque Therapeutic Massage Services

Massage Albuquerque

The day spa at Salon Helena offers therapeutic massage services in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico. With soothing music and a touch of ambiance, our massage rooms are the perfect place to relax. Breathe easy and recline on our soft massage tables covered in flannel sheets and a warm duvet to begin an aromatic and tranquil massage.

Our massage therapist was voted the #1 massage therapist in Albuquerque in 2011!

Rejuvenating Body Massage in ABQ

The therapeutic benefits of massage have been well-known since ancient times. The massage therapists at Salon Helena provide you with an experience that enables you to escape the daily demands of your life with massage therapy:

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Enjoy a deep tissue massage for sports injuries, a massage that provides powerful relief from tension and increases range of flexibility. Couples can enjoy massages in our romantic couple’s massage room that offers sophisticated ambiance and extra privacy.

Therapeutic Benefits of Massage

Massage feels nice, but did you know that massage has physical and emotional benefits too? Not only does massage relax the muscles, it also improves posture and circulation; lowers blood pressure and improves flexibility and range of motion. If you suffer from headaches, massage is also known to reduce the frequency of headaches.

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