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The Skinny on Thinning Hair

If you’re female and experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone. Hair loss is common in women, so common we think women should feel more comfortable talking about this problem with their friends, family, and yes, their hair stylist!

According to Nioxin Research Labs, 70 million Americans have fine or thin-looking hair, and as many as one in three women between the ages of 40 and 49 have some degree of thinning or hair loss. Also, thinning hair can begin as early as age 17!

Causes of Thinning Hair

For women, hair loss can be triggered by androgenetic alopecia, the same type of hair loss that affects men. In fact, alopecia comes in a variety of forms triggered by stress, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease, nutrient deficiency and autoimmune disorders.

If you suspect your hair loss has physical causes, see your doctor and explain your symptoms. Hair loss can also be triggered by emotional stress, so take time to manage your stress in whatever way works for you, whether it’s lunch with your best friend, speaking with a therapist or meditating.

Scalp Massage Works!

A scalp massage will increase the health of your scalp and hair. Massaging increases blood flow to the follicle, strengthening the root. Your hair will be more likely to continue growing rather than dying prematurely. Better circulation allows your hair to absorb more nutrients and oxygen, maximizing its health.

You may want to use aromatherapy oils in your scalp massage. Essential oils will help to relax you, relieving the stress that plays a part in hair loss. Peppermint oil and rosemary oil are said to assist in hair re-growth, while lavender provides relaxation.

Scalp massage for thinning hair takes time, so give yourself three to five months before you expect to see results.

Products to Speed Up Growth

To speed up the process, we always recommend our clients use Nioxin hair care products. Nioxin was founded to address hair loss in pregnancy, but now extends to both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. Each line is designed to address different phases of hair loss, so the products are helpful whether your hair loss is recent or in the more advanced stages.