We all need a little extra attention from time to time. And our hair is no different. With exposure to sun, heat, chemicals and a host of beauty routines we daily put our hair through, it’s easy for our hair to become dry and damaged.

At Salon Helena in Albuquerque, our master hair stylists have the remedy for dry, thirsty hair—deep conditioning treatments.

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Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment in Albuquerque

Our ABQ salon deep conditioning treatments are a great way to sit and relax for 10-15 minutes while your hair gets the replenishing nourishment it so desperately needs. Deep conditioning treatments at Salon Helena are tranquil experiences that include a gentle scalp massage and conditioning of the scalp as well as each strand of hair. With regular use, deep conditioning treatments can make a remarkable difference on over-processed or frizz-prone hair.

For hair that shines with health and vitality, call the master hair artists at Salon Helena! Schedule your deep conditioning treatment or another Albuquerque salon service today by calling (505)884-4955.