What Are Hair Addictionz?

Throughout the years, stylists have voiced concerns about the look, feel and application of typical salon hair extensions. Fortunately, their complaints have been heard and remedied with Hair Addictionz.

These new hair extensions:

  • Take about 1 hour to apply and about 15 minutes to remove
  • Use tape rather than glue
  • Cost about half as much as other methods
  • Use the best, real-human hair – extensions won’t look stringy or fall out
  • Look and feel more natural than other types of salon hair extensions
  • Require no special shampoo or brushes for care
  • Are not detectable when your hair is worn up
  • Can be reused for up to 3 applications if properly cared for
  • May help your natural hair grow healthier and longer

Call (505)884-4955 today to discuss your new look with Hair Addictionz!

Albuquerque Hair Extensions Salon – Salon Helena

If you are looking for a dramatic new look with salon hair extensions in Albuquerque, contact Salon Helena to find out more information about Hair Addictionz. Schedule your hair extension appointment and get quality hair extensions in Albuquerque today!

Salon Helena is proud to offer the latest in hair extension technology from Hair Addictionz. Hair Addictionz provides you with a great look without the expense, mess or damage!