Hair ColorAre you looking to transform and rejuvenate your style? Changing your hair color, or enhancing your current color, is a great way to change up your look and let your personality shine without doing anything too permanent. Salon Helena in Albuquerque has master hair artists that can help you find the best color to compliment your natural beauty.

Hair Color Trends

Every year, Salon Helena sees new trends in hair color that are innovative, exciting and truly transformative. Whether you are looking to add simple highlights or low lights, or you want to try out the newest ombré look that is hitting the fashion runways, we can help. Our expert hair colorists keep up-to-date with the latest trends in hair color and utilize the latest technology to protect the delicate structure of each strand while providing your hair the warmth and depth of natural brilliance.

Innovative Hair Care Products

Salon Helena is always looking for the best hair color products to protect your hair while providing the shine and volume it needs. We carry the finest selection of hair care products including:

  • ColorProof
  • Eufora
  • Eufora Hero for Men
  • Moroccan Oil
  • And many others

We know how important it is to get rich, natural-looking hair. Our BES Italian color line is perfect for a long-lasting, vibrant hair color. This hair color line works with natural plant extracts and the reflection of light, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and other unnatural products potentially damaging your hair.

Professional Hair Color

At Salon Helena in Albuquerque, your hair will be transformed to be exactly the way you want. Our expert colorists have years of training and experience and enjoy making their clients look and feel good. Whether you want to enhance your natural color with highlights, or you need a color correction for the ombré look you tried last summer, we can help. Visit Salon Helena today to schedule an appointment and say yes to rejuvenation. Let us compliment your personal style with the right hair color for you.

Call (505)884-4955 to schedule an appointment with a professional hair colorist at the award-winning Albuquerque salon, Salon Helena.