Salon Helena did not become one of Albuquerque’s preferred salons and spas just because we can make you look good. We have the relaxing and healing treatments that make you feel better, too! And we’ve recently added to our menu of spa services—we now offer infrared sauna!

What Is Infrared Sauna?

You’ve heard of a sauna before. An infrared sauna is similar—you relax in a heated room. But instead of the heat being generated by smoldering wood or charcoals, it is created by infrared lights.

Infrared “light” is actually more heat, and most of the heat generated by infrared lamps actually penetrates your body instead of just heating the air. The direct heat transfer allows you to stay in the sauna longer since you don’t feel as hot even though your core body temperature is raised, so you get the benefits of a good sweat and all the detoxifying that comes with it!

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatment

The benefits of infrared sauna treatment go well beyond deep relaxation. By increasing circulation and ramping up your body’s natural detoxification processes, infrared saunas have been shown to:

  • Improve sleep
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Reduce recovery time after intense workouts or injury/illness
  • Improve skin health (firming and tightening, reduced acne)
  • Enhance weight loss results

Infrared saunas are so effective they have even helped people with chronic health issues!

Schedule Your Day of Relaxation and Healing

Your path to improved health and well-being can start at Salon Helena! Call or visit our Northeast Heights Albuquerque location to schedule a session in our infrared sauna. Better yet, make a day of it, and schedule time in our new salt room, too!

Call 505-884-4955 today to enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna treatment at Salon Helena!