LaCrisha is an award winning hairstylist at Salon Helena and has been licensed since 2012. She has won ABQ Best Colorist in 2014, Best Hairstylist in 2015, 3rd Best Hairstylist in 2016, and 5th Best Colorist in 2016. She loves what she does.

She’s had a passion for hair since she can remember. She was the little girl that always stole the brush out of her mom’s hand to style her own hair. She loves enhancing every individual’s beauty, by meeting their needs and making them feel confident in their own skin. Listening to her clients is key, together you can create the best look.

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Albuquerque Hairstylist LaCrisha Wilson

LaCrisha’s goals as a hairstylist are to continue to be successful and driven within the beauty industry, to continue building up her clientele, all while offering the best advice and knowledge about hair and beauty.

She loves learning new trends and expanding her techniques. She does everything from cutting women’s and men’s hair, color, highlights and lowlights, styling; including updos. You name it, she can make it happen!

LaCrisha can’t wait to meet with you, change your outlook on hairstylists, and help her continue to enjoy her career.